Die 5 schlimmsten Pärchen-Angewohnheiten!

Das will keiner in eurem Freundeskreis sehen!

1. Der Begrüßungscheck

Niemand will sehen, dass sich ein paar einen "coolen" Begrüßungscheck ausgedacht hat! Die Idee ist natürlich ganz lustig, allerdings werden die meisten schnell davon genervt sein!

2. Liebessprüche posten!

Es ist schön für jeden, der die Liebe in seinem Leben gefunden hat. Aber bitte teilt eure Liebe doch untereinander und versucht nicht die ganze Welt damit anzustecken!

3. Gegenseitiges Füttern!

Auch das ist eine Art von Liebesbeweis, den man am besten privat, in seinen eigenen vier Wänden teilen sollte, denn dein Umfeld wird ziemlich schnell davon genervt sein!

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"In March of 2014, my mom's friend texted her and said she wanted to set me up with a cute lieutenant who was my 'future husband'. I didn't see the point because logistically it didn't make sense- he lived in Texas and I lived in Denver. He was also just a few weeks away from deploying to Egypt for 9 months. The odds were not in our favor but for some reason I thought to myself, "oh why not?" The first time he called me, I was so nervous I didn't want to answer, but my sister made me. It was a short conversation because he was on his way to dinner but I loved the sound of his voice. I also appreciated that he said he would call the next day, and did. That's always been my favorite thing about David- he's very dependable. For our first skype date, I made sure to look cute but not like I was trying too hard (haha) and David was in his uniform because he just got off work. We ended up talking for 2 hours and neither of us wanted to say goodnight. We were both falling, and fast. Then one night, after a few drinks, David booked a plane ticket on a whim to come to Denver for my birthday. I was so nervous to meet him in person for the first time, I downed a glass of wine on the way to the airport. We spent 3 perfect weeks together and then just like that, he was off to Egypt. The 9 months apart were the hardest but probably also the best thing that ever happened to our relationship. It forced us to really communicate because communication was all we had. We talked about absolutely everything and really got to know one another. I think early on, it's easy to get caught up in the physical aspect of a relationship but obviously David and I didn't have that option. We really built a strong foundation. We got engaged over Skype while David was deployed and he gave me a ring in Egypt when I went to visit him. The hardest part about marriage has definitely been deployments. David had to deploy just 6 weeks after our son was born and it was sad not having him around for many of our son's firsts. Deployments test your relationship but they also make you appreciate each other so much more. I am so thankful for what David does and know his sacrifices are for a greater cause."

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4. #Relationshipgoals!

Oft werden Bilder von gemeinsamen Aktionen unter #Relationshipgoals gepostet, aber mal ehrlich: Interessiert das jemanden außer euch beiden? Wahrscheinlich nicht!

5. Streit in kryptischen Statusnachrichten austragen!

Regelt eure Streitigkeiten bitte zu Hause und tragt sie nicht in die Welt raus! Meistens ist dabei nämlich nur fremdschämen für alle angesagt!