5 Gründe, warum du deine Ohren nicht mit Wattestäbchen reinigen solltest!

Nummer 5 ist am schlimmsten!

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“Ear wax has #antibacterial and #antifungal properties. It keeps the ear canal skin protected from getting too #dry and is a #natural cleaner of the ear canal,” Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a professor in the department of #otolaryngology at Boston University School of Medicine, toldMedical Daily in an email. The amount of ear wax, as well as the color and the consistency (soft versus hard) varies person to person, Ear wax naturally migrates to, and naturally leaves, the outer edge of the ear. Anything that prevents the #wax from moving out — like, say, constantly walking around with #headphones in — can result in build-up. A 2008 JAMA study found ear wax build-up results in 12 million patient visits per year. Beyond headphones, excessive ear hair, narrow ear canals, and bony growths called #exostoses lead to build-up, said Spiegel. The growths tend to occur in people who #surf, and anyone #swimming in cold water may stunt the wax migration process. Obviously keeping build-up to a minimum is key. While cotton swabs are great for cleaning the outer ear, they pose real risk to the inner ear. “The ear canal, which has very delicate skin, can be scratched by the swab and create a situation where one can get an #ear #infection,” Spiegel said. “You may feel it's working as some of the wax from the side of the canal sticks to the cotton and changes the cotton swab color from white to yellow. However, at the tip you've managed to just push the wax further in [the ear canal, where it’s difficult to get out].” Hoffman added pushing cotton swabs too far into the ears damages the delicate structures of the middle and inner ear, which can cause #permanent #hearing #loss (a health problem linked to cognitive impairment later in life), bleeding, and redness.

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Wattestäbchen gehören heutzutage immer noch zu den beliebtesten Mitteln, um die Ohren von Schmalz zu befreien. Allerdings sollte man zu anderen Methoden zur Ohrenreinigung greifen. Wattestäbchen schädigen mehr als sie nützen.

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